"Hell has no fury like a woman scorned," so said William Congreve in 1697. I doubt he ever envisioned a woman doing this when he said that all those years ago.

Kavlen via Reddit.

There seems to be a new trend. Maybe it's social media that is spurring jilted lovers to call out the cheaters for all to see. Finally there is a platform for someone to let the world (or all their FB friends) know that they have been stepped out on. But this woman didn't post on Facebook. She took out an ad in a Texas newspaper for even those who aren't friends with her could see what she alleges her husband did. Then of course Reddit picked up the story this week and it went viral. Now more than just the paper's subscribers know how excited Timeshia Brown is for her husband's upcoming bundle of joy!

Timeshia isn't the only one looking for public humiliation. Another woman named Beverly, posted pictures of her alleged cheater husband "going to Oklahoma" with his mistress all over her place of employment...Wal-Mart. My only question for her is, "why wouldn't you plaster them all over his place of employment? To put them up at your work only seems like it would humiliate you?" But that is just me.

Again, "Hell has no fury like a scorned woman!"