The Oscar is biggest award in Hollywood, and the Academy Awards is the biggest and most viewed award show.  Some of behind the scenes things that take place at the awards are pretty amazing.  For instance, did you know the envelope with the winning name in it, is worth over $200?  And don't feel bad for the losers, because they all get a gift bag worth over $55,000.  Keep reading to get a look at the loot in this years swag bag and info on Oscar Envelopes.

Christopher Polk/Getty Images

This year's Academy Award nominees all received $55,000 gift bags. The bags included certificates for:

Halo Natural Pet Food ($6,142.89)

Max Martin Shoes ($750)

Best of Vegas Tour Package ($9,000)

House Call From Nutritionist  ($500)

Walk Japan Tour of Japan ($15,000)

Epic Pet Health Therapy ($1,571.98)

Rocky Mountaineer Train Trip ($4,078.00)

Mexican Resort Stay ($3,300)

A Resort Stay in Kauai ($2,000)

 ....and last but not least, all the female nominees received a coupon good for free Va-Jay-Jay rejuvenation....which is nice.


And did you know that the Oscar Envelopes that the winners name is sealed in are a work of art in themselves?  I had no clue that they are specially made. Marc Friedland Couture Communications    makes the envelopes each year.  Each one is handmade and takes over 100 hours to make.  They each weigh about a quarter pound each and cost about $200.  Only the winners get to keep their envelopes and cards.  the rest are destroyed as to prevent them from being resold.   I've been watching the Oscars for years and never knew that the envelopes were this valuable.