I love bacon, I mean I really love bacon, and if you’ve listened to our show and know me, you know I love bacon and almost everything about it and every way that it can be cooked or fried….with the key word being almost. You can’t just slap bacon on the wrapper and assume that I will love it. That is where our good friends at J&D’s foods might have made a mistake, as they have just announced the latest and greatest addition to their bacon line up of foods.
J&D’s Foods is pleased to announce the launch of world’s first Bacon flavored and Gravy flavored weight loss shakes and Gravy flavored seasoning.

Mike Kasper,Townsquare media

Now keep in mind I love bacon and bacon seasonings, bacon sunflower seeds, toothpicks, lip balm, etc., but EWWWW. Meat and gravy shakes? Sorry, but It ain’t happening.
The premise is good, because, science has shown that 8 out of 10 dieters fail to keep the weight off, because their diets force them to eat less of what they love and more of what they hate.
J&D’s Foods is about to change that. The way it works according to their press release – instead of fighting against people’s natural tendencies to cover everything in Bacon and Gravy, They’re embracing it.
At only 120 calories per serving and including 30 grams of high quality protein BaconTrim and GravyTrim are a mouth-watering new way to lose weight and build lean muscle tone with little to no exercise. They deliver the rich, smooth and meaty taste consumers crave in a convenient ready-to-drink, replacement meal.
BaconTrim and GravyTrim are available starting today at www.BaconTrim.com
Sorry, but I’ll stick to my bacon, and if I want to diet, I will eat carrots, celery sticks and water….but, hey you can try it if you want, be my guest.