A lot of junk and can accumulate in the bottom of a woman's purse. I shared last week about my "mom purse" and the random, embarrassing things I have found. You really never know what you are going to find.

A woman in South Carolina decided it was time to clean out her little, black purse. She dumped the contents into a navy bag and found a BIG surprise! She had tossed in a Powerball ticket that she had forgotten about for two months! How does happen?? I'm usually hitting refresh on the Lottery website waiting for the numbers to update to see if I'm an instant millionaire, which never seems to work in my favor.

After checking the numbers on the ticket, she found it was worth $150,000! Meanwhile, I'm lucky to find enough change at the bottom of my purse for the work vending machine.

What's the most expensive item you have accidentally thrown away?