Women across the country are ditching purses and handbags in favor of something else, and the trend might take over the Treasure Valley too.  This might make you wonder what took us so long.

Ladies, we sure can cram a lot in a purse, can't we?  No matter how big our handbags get, it seems like we could always use more room for gum, keys, socks for the gym, and all of the mystery items that our kids shove in there when we're not looking.  This growing trend may solve some problems.

The Today Show said women are increasingly ditching handbags with limited space for bigger backpacks, with plenty of space for bigger electronic gadgets and more gum, and maybe a small dog too.  We can carry anything if we've got the right amount of space.  Backpacks also help us keep our hands free and walk more evenly so we don't end up with a permanent shoulder lean and back problems down the road, so there's that.

Sales of women's backpacks are up 28% in the past year, and the experts say sales of women's handbags have dropped.   I'm no expert, but based on my own experience with kids and a job and a life, I would venture to guess that handbags will get bigger in the near future as manufacturers start catering to our need to fit more gadgets into our bags that are already stuffed full of headphones, wallets, and snacks.

No matter what you're working with, it sure would feel good to drop more money into that bag, right?  Win cash right here today.  More money for splurging on fancy backpacks, man purses, handbags, and wallets.  Good luck.

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