My dad is awesome.  I love him very much and respect him even more because he's just a good, hard-working, honest guy who always seems happy and at ease with the world.

The only problem...he never wants anything!  I grill my mom every year for ideas about what to get Pop for Christmas, and she usually tells me to refill the bottle of dry rub that he uses when he smokes a brisket.  And he's out of the John Henry rub again this year.  Okay!  That's $11.95.  What else?!  This year she told me to get him some long-sleeved shirts with a collar that he can wear to church or his County Commissioner meetings where he lives in Nebraska.  He's an elected official and he needs to look good!  So that's on my shopping list this weekend.  (I know he's not reading this because he only gets on the computer to check his favorite ag headlines on a local Nebraska site.  And sometimes he reads my emails to Mom.  Either way, the shirt and barbecue rub surprise is not spoiled.)

My dad never buys himself anything.  He would never go to the store and guy himself the aforementioned long-sleeved shirt.  He just waits until Christmas or his birthday or Father's Day rolls around.  He knows idea-less gift givers like me will buy him clothes o those special days and his closet will be replenished.  Smart move Pop, smart move.

Do you have any hard-to-buy-for people on your holiday list?  We're talking about it on Facebook right now.  Do tell!