Mother’s Day is this weekend.  NBA superstar Kevin Durant won the league's MVP award, and he made sure not to forget his mom, by thanking her for all her sacrifices and sharing some memories.  See if you can watch without tearing up a little.

What is your favorite memory of your mom?   Is it sad, is it funny, heartbreaking or even infuriating.   What makes your mom so special?   What did your mom teach you that you’d like to pass on to your kids?  Here is a couple of stories about my mom, plus a picture of her and her 8 kids with their wives and husbands plus some of the now 22 grand kids.

My father passed away when I was 8 years old, so my mom was a single mom for a while, raising 5 kids.

I remember when my mom would get mad at us kids (and there with 5 of us, between 1 and 8) We were definitely a handful and she would bite her own finger….I can remember thinking how silly it was to take her index finger in her mouth and bite down really hard.

Now that I have my own kids, I understand.  Better to hurt myself than hurt my own kids.  One thing is for certain, we always knew when she was really mad, and that it was time to, as she put it “straighten up and fly right”.


My mom was also horrible at spanking us, especially as we got older. (I really don’t think she was trying)  She would use a paint stir stick or ruler.  You can’t make that hurt, no matter how hard you try…but we would fake that we were in so much pain, so she wouldn’t get something bigger to spank us with.

And in case you haven't got mom something for Mother's Day here is a list of things that Mom doesn't want.



  1. Another finger painting from a 40-year-old
  2. A $10 off coupon good towards a lipo treatment
  3. A freeze-warts kit
  4. A gift-wrapped pile of shirts to iron
  5. Anything that plugs in, especially if it's used for cleaning purposes