I was scrolling thru the channels and saw that Friends with Benefits was coming up. There was 5 minutes left of I Love You Beth Cooper on this channel so I left it there. Never seen this movie. In 5 minutes I figured out that it was about the nerdy boy loving the most popular girl in high school. She made a comment about how he was going to go on and do great things even though he hated high school. Then she said, this is the best it will get for me." Basically saying she had "peaked" in high school.
I have always believed that we all peak a different times.  Thinking that those mean girls who were so awful to me in high school peaked at that time gave me some comfort on the really rough days.
Hearing Hayden Panettiere's character say that she peaked got me to thinking...do you know when you peaked? I feel that I haven't peaked yet. The best is yet to come for Kate McGwire!  Have you peaked yet? What moment made you realize "this is the best it's going to get for me. I have reached the mountain top."  Can you peak more than once or is this as good as it gets? Isn't it funny how it only seems the bullies and the mean girls peak early while the rest of us have the comfort of knowing the good stuff will be rolling in at any moment!
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I speak at a lot of schools in the Treasure Valley and one of the messages I am most passionate about sharing with the kids is to not let other kids get them so down that they can't get back up. The popularity contests and cliques seem like a big deal. And to a teenager they are. But I want them to know that in the grand scheme of life that mean girl or the boy who didn't ask you to the dance don't define who you are or who you will grow up to be. Maybe for those mean kids this really is as good as it gets?  I can't recall a President who was known as a bully or a hollywood actress who was the mean girl. Those yucky people eventually fade away and become a distant memory.
I have lived on "The Best Is Yet To Come" even though I have lived an amazing life so far! I am like a fine wine...I get better with age! I hope you are too!