The Best Part of Waking Up

Forget coffee for a second. The best part of waking up is sharing the road with people who know how to drive. Shout-out to the ones who self-identify as road warriors. Ya'll are my ride-or-dies.

Moving on! Day after day, I face the same ERMERGERD issue on my morning drive! Remember the anvil that fell from the sky and landed on Wile E. Coyote a thousand times over? In this scenario, I'm the Wiley and Treasure Valley drivers are the anvil. Ouch.

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Let's Give 'Em Something to Roundabout 

Roundabouts, friends. Let's talk about 'em. For reasons that continue to mystify yours truly, roundabouts throw Idahoans off their A-game. Is it entering a roundabout that throws people off? Is it the exit? Perhaps it's fear. I can't say for sure.

I can always tell when someone's weary of passing through a roundabout, a.k.a. Idaho's Circle of Death. Every one of them wears an expression that suggests they're ready to meet their Maker. As long as they make it to the office on-time, they reason the benefits are worth the risk.

The Keys to the Roundabout Kingdom

Allow to me spare you a lifetime's worth of anxiety behind the wheel. What I'm about to share will boost your confidence and abilities with any roundabout you encounter anywhere in the world. It won't matter how busy the circular junction is, you'll be able to handle it.

Signal. Signal. SIGNAL!

  • Signal In. Let other drivers know you're ready to enter the roundabout by signaling. They'll yield, giving you the right of way.
  • Signal Out. Same thing. Let other drivers know you're ready to leave the roundabout just before you get to your exit.

It's all about communication, folks. Signal in. Signal out. You got this.

For official information on how to handle roundabouts in Idaho, click here

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