Finley, the 1st grader, brought home the first homework yesterday.

She has to turn in homework every Friday by 8am, and if she doesn't she gets sent to study hall for the day.  Yikes!  So we decided that homework time would be Monday through Thursday at 4pm.  She has to sit down and do the homework before she gets the Wii privileges or before softball practice.  Homework at 4 is one of our resolutions.

I read about one mom setting the "no electronics after 8pm" resolution.  Do you have any?

Another mom says she'll make lunches 4 days a week and let her son buy lunch one day.

One mom who works for a global communications company is going old school, and buying a paper planner to keep track of everything.  Retro and cool!  At my house we have the dry erase board on the wall above the backpacks near the laundry room, and that's where I write down each girl's events for the month, so I can walk by and look anytime.  I've got the Google Calendar too, but sometimes it's more fun to write and erase than it is to swipe and click.  A break from the digital feels good.  And weird too.

Another mom is getting her kids up 15 minutes earlier than last year.  Does she put a real live rooster in their room?  How does she jar them awake?

Good luck with those resolutions of yours, and I hope they last the whole year.  We shall see.

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