You've got your Mix 106 App downloaded on iPhone or Droid, right?  If not, you gotta get it done before tomorrow, because we're giving away FRONT ROW seats tomorrow on the app. 

That's right.  Mix 106 is your official Train Station, and we've secured your seats front-and-center at the concert Thursday night.  You and a friend could be watching the show from the front row, but you better make sure you've got your Mix 106 App downloaded and ready to go.

Tomorrow (Wednesday), we'll send out 3 portions of our Train Station Code.  Put them all together and call when the final one comes in, and you win the Train Front Row Seats.

screen shot

You'll get part of the code between 8am-9am, the second between 12noon-1pm, and the final between 4pm-5pm.  When you put all the pieces together, call 376-5-106, and if you're the first to get the code right, you score the tickets.

There is one thing we want to make sure you have ready to win, and that's your Mix 106 App Notifications.  We made a little video just to walk you through how to make sure you get our messages and the code words.

So here are the steps to win you Train Front Row Tickets:

  1. Download the Mix 106 App for your iPhone or Droid.
  2. Make sure your notifications are enabled.
  3. Watch for code words between 8-9am, 12-1pm, and 4-5pm tomorrow.
  4. Once you have all 3, be the first to call 208-376-5-106 and then...
  5. Enjoy sitting front row at the show!

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