Walmart is expanding its free curbside grocery pickup service into eight new cities, including Meridian. The Walmart Supercenter on Ten Mile Road will begin offering the service starting April 26.

The retail chain is looking to increase business and bridge the gap between brick and mortar locations and online shopping.

Shoppers can go online and choose from about 40,000 items, most of them groceries. After ordering and paying online, customers show up at the store at a designated time and a personal shopper will deliver the groceries directly to the car, free of charge.

You can do this anytime during the day or even in the evening. Think of how easy it would be to order your items online and then swing by on your way home from work. Or maybe you have small children that you don't want to have to load and unload from the car just for a few items.

You can place your curbside order the day of pickup or up to three weeks in advance.

How do you feel about this new curbside service? Would you use it?


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