My own mother has said to me, "You cost me my second marriage" on more than one occasion. But it's always followed up with the statement"I should thank you for that. Plus your grandmother always said to me, 'I am not going to punish you. Your punishment will be having a daughter that misbehaves more than you do.' " And that's exactly what my mom got. And she always tell me, no matter how long I was grounded nothing will be more painful than having a hellion of a daughter who will be worse than I was (and she wonders why I haven't had kids yet).

The funny thing was, on paper I was a great kid! Straight A student. Honors Calculus and Physics, Honor Roll Student, Varsity soccer player, worked full time as a teller at the local bank. But for all that hard work I put in, I liked to play just as hard! I like to think of it as being in the wrong place at the wrong time. How as I supposed to know the cops were going to show up at that party in the woods while I was there? How was I supposed to know the my mom would be waiting right inside the back door when I snuck back in at 4am? She was asleep when I left! And in my defense, I thought Jungle Juice at that party was a new type of Fruit Punch that Hi-C came out with (don't ever eat the fruit!!)! It's amazing that I survived some of the stupid things I did! Jumping off the 3rd story deck at the Beta House at CSU my freshman year into a pool made of sandbags while wearing my little orange bikini moments after slamming a Flaming Dr. Pepper has to be one of the most epic, stupid, things I have done! The picture did come out nicely though. (NOT ME AT CSU)

This week, Natalie and Lisa aka The Diamond Girls are my guest hosts. I have a kindred spirit with these girls, but Natalie and I could be soul sisters after the stories we share! I have found someone crazier than I am! I can't wait to introduce her to my mom, Natalie makes me look like a saint!! Sitting in the studio and swapping stories this morning got me thinking, we aren't the only ones! There are more soul-siblings out there!

Question of the day: What was the worst thing you did as a kid? (I'm including, college in this age group due to some of the stupid things I did before 23)