I can't believe with everything that's happened with cops being filmed by bystanders recently that you'd find an idiot who would do something as dumb as this.  (Warning: The link to the video contains uncensored profanity.)

In this day and age you would think cops know that almost everyone has a cell phone capable of filming them.  So you would think they would be smart enough to know that if one person is filming you and you destroy that phone, then there has to be at least one if not more people filming you being dumb enough to trash that person's phone.  Not his cop.

A woman was filming U.S. Marshals arresting a bunch of guys near Los Angeles .  Then one of the marshals ran up to her, grabbed the phone out of her hand, and smashed on the ground.  Another woman across the street was filming it too, so the whole thing is on video.

The U.S. Marshals Service put out a statement that said they're investigating the incident.  (Warning:  The link to the video contains uncensored profanity.)



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