There's only so much I can discover about Idaho on my own. Google searches and local news are helpful, but there's nothing like getting the low down from someone who's been living life here since childhood. I was introduced to Jill, the friend of a co-worker, who was born and raised here and gave me the inside scoop on what I need to check out now that I'm call Boise home.

I've already hiked Table Rock, but apparently there's a hike to a WWII plane at Loon Lake. That sounds Instagrammable AF and flat out cool. It's not every day you can go see an artifact from a time you've only read about in textbooks. For a fun quickie hike, Goose Creek Falls is the way to go. There's a little bridge, which in itself is reason enough for me.

I'd been wondering about the Old Idaho Penitentiary since driving past it on my first visit to Boise. Confirmation that it's a fun walk through has me pumped. Morbid curiosity has me dying (pun intended) to see where hangings were performed and the living quarters of inmates.

Looks like I've got some things to see and do in the next couple weeks. What are your favorite things to do that maybe aren't as well known unless you're a local. I'd love to soak it all up!

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