A bear took a dip in a California pool yesterday. No bears at the Mike & Kate Pool Party, but your chances just increased to win your way in! Find out here.

Don't panic, this will not be happening at the Mike & Kate pool party at the Boise Music Festival. No bears. But I will say, as cute as he is, I wouldn't mind swimming with him.

We have 3 more Mike & Kate Pool Party Packages to give away tomorrow morning! Listen of the cue-to-call anytime between 5:30-10. When you hear it be caller #6 at 376-5106 and you win 2 passes into the Mike & Kate Pool Party at the Boise Music Festival, 2 Mike & Kate Boise Music Festival exclusive t-shirts, 2 Mike & Kate beach towels and a backstage experience with one of the Commercial Tire Main Stage artists.

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