Being a lifelong, die-hard, Denver Broncos fan, the story of owner, Pat Bowlen, stepping down because of a debilitating disease literally broke my heart this morning. The full story is here.

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The Denver Broncos football team has probably broke my heart more than they have made my day, but I am still a fan, no matter what. Yes, even after the mess in February that I still struggle to talk about. Come August 7th when we play Seattle again, I will be wearing my blue and orange and cheering with all my heart.

All of my Bronco memories are during the time Pat Bowlen has been owner. He helped lead us to 2 Super Bowl wins, he brought John Elway back to the team and I have a feeling he played a role in getting Brian Griese out of town (God Bless You)! So when I saw the headline this morning that Bowlen was stepping down because he has Alzheimer's Disease, it hit hard. It made me so sad for him. It made me so sad for his wife and his children and his grandchildren. That heartache has nothing to do with fear of a losing season because he is not making football decisions for the Broncos. It's heartache for someone that lead my football team for the last 30 years and as a true fan, you come to care about the individual players just as much, if not more than the number of wins. When I am in Glendale in February cheering my boys to a Super Bowl win, it will so tough not to see Bowlen on the sidelines.

*(Yes, I use words like "us" and "we" when we referring to the Denver Broncos. Just deal with it.)