The iPhone6 will be here tomorrow! Your old iPhone doesn't need to be thrown into the iPhone graveyard, aka the junk drawer. There are actually uses for your old phone that might just make your life a lot easier!

Uses for Old iPhones
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Presale orders for the iPhone 6 have set a record, according to the Hollywood Reporter. That means there are going to be lots of people left wondering what to do with their old iPhone. Of course the immediate answer is to sell it. Before you start writing your Craigslist ad, check out these cool ideas you can use your phone for. Even though you won't have a data plan on the phone it will still work with WiFi and can come in very handy.

Hudway App-This projects your driving directions onto your windshield. Attach your old phone to the dashboard and use it to help you figure out where you're going. This way, you're not looking down at your phone while driving and it's projected so you get the entire view and not just a tiny phone screen.

Presence App-Turn your old phone into a security camera. Set it up in your home on video mode and then sync it to your new phone. You will get alerts to anything happening in your home. You can also check in anytime you want. This is a great way to see who the kids are having over when you're not home.

Cloud Baby Monitor-Turn your old phone into a baby monitor. Keep your old phone on the baby and then watch from all your other devices like iPads and iPhones and maybe one day the Apple Watch!

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