Our daughter has a cute Yorkie that I have taught a number of tricks, but there is no way that I could teach her to do what this dog did when its owner left him in the car too long while shopping. 

Mike Kasper, Townsquare Media

Fern, is an 18-month-old boxer that recently hopped into the driver's seat of her owner's car and honked the horn for 15 minutes. The dog got tired of waiting. Someone filmed Fern and posted the video online. Fern's owner says he was shopping. "When I came out of the store and looked down the street, I saw a crowd of people standing around my car and I started running because I was worried something had happened to her.  When I got closer I realized people were pointing and laughing and taking pictures."

The next time he might have to leave something to play with or eat to stop her going crazy with the horn.  Either that or maybe don't stay so long in the store while your dog is in the car....I'm just saying.