Roaring Springs is turning the big 2-0 on Wednesday! When we shared the news about their throwback pricing, a lot of you took the time to share your memories of the park. 

BreAnn S. was 10 when the park opened. The only way she could go to the park was by tagging along with a friend and paying her own way.  Scrounging up that $20 worth of dollar bills and coins in a plastic baggie was a lot of work at that age, but she was willing to make it happen!

Jenn R. called in sick from work and went with a buddy from the office. Her mom joined them too and watched her friend's daughter splash around while the ladies road the bigger rides.

Elizabeth's only 27 and she's still trying to wrap her mind around the fact that she was seven when Roaring Springs opened. She says it doesn't feel like the park's been around that long. We get it! If is pretty crazy to thing that a lot of teens that used to go to H2Overload at the park are now adults with minis of their own!

We decided to take a little trip down memory lane too and dug up these vintage Roaring Springs Commercials on YouTube and they're just corny enough to make us laugh! Does anyone recognize the folks staring in them?

We're not sure exactly what year they aired, but they were posted to YouTube in 2009, the year of the park's 10th anniversary!

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