I'm recently engaged & my friend Erin is engaged as well. So we decided to go Wedding Dress Shopping!

As the day got closer I started thinking "what are the right questions to be asking when you're shopping for a wedding dress?" I've never been to a Bridal Store & have only watched Say Yes to the Dress so I had no idea. So the day of the appointment we all met at Sweetheart Manor on McMillan in Boise. Right when we walk in we're greeted & shown around, immediately the bride Erin has three dresses that she has to try on. The first dress Erin puts on she kinda hesitates for a moment & then asks "what am I suppose to do?". Answers shoot out "Tell us how you feel?"

As she stands there kind of awkwardly with all of us staring at the laughter starts. So instructions begin "try sitting down & see if you're comfortable".

She sits, "yea I can sit in this dress but my fiance doesn't want me to wear strapless." OK then on to the next dress! The one she made the appointment at Sweetheart Manor for... The Bernadette!

Erin put's the dress on, falls in love & then falls out of love. The dress had a lot more "bling" then she originally noticed on the website. So she tries on a bride-cage hoping that will change her mind.

With the bird-cage on there's still something about the dress that Erin cannot get passed. There is so much "bling" on the dress that's it's starting to irritate her arms & she's only been in it for 10-15 minutes. So sadly she takes her beloved Bernadette off. And on to the suggested dressed;

Too poofy

Too plain

And then she found one she really liked & had her mom's approval. Before she could say yes there would have to be adjustments, adding straps & getting the length size for her body because it was about three inches too long. So straps no problem, but the designer of the dress won't make changes to the length of the dress! So that dress is out as well. Erin did find her dress but in order not to give it away I'm not posting the photo. But I did want to make a list for all you future brides out there about to go dress shopping.

My top ten things to ask/think about/do when shopping for a bridal gown;

  1. Is the dress in my price range?
  2. Can I sit? And think about a long train & when it's bustled.
  3. Does the dress fit my theme/venue?
  4. Does the beading irritate my skin?
  5. Do my accessorizes match the dress? i.e Bird-cage/Veil
  6. Take photos of each dress front & back. That way I can look through them when I'm puzzled & cut a few dresses off my list.
  7. Don't bring too many people. If I have too many people my view may get over shadowed.
  8. Browse online before going to get an idea of what I want. So I'm not overwhelmed.
  9. Browse online for reviews of the Bridal Shop.
  10. Don't be afraid to commit to the dress. I don't want to be shopping forever.