I know the odds are stacked against me. I know on paper it looks like a slam dunk. But don't count out this 5 foot tall feisty baller.


The Mike vs. Kate Free Throw Shoot Out is happening Saturday, January 18th during the Idaho Stampede Game at Century Link Arena.

After the 3rd quarter Mike and I will have one minute, 60 seconds, to shoot the most free throws. Whoever shoots the most free throws WINS everyone on their side of the arena a FREE TACOS from Taco Bell!

There is a lifetime of bragging rights on the line! You might think, "Oh, Mike is 6'4. Kate is only 60 inches tall. Mike played basketball in high school and way too many years ago he was a noon-baller at the downtown YMCA. He is going to win. I am going to sit in his section!"

Before you hit the select button on that ticket purchase, let me explain to you why I have a real chance at winning the Mike vs Kate Free Throw Shoot Out.



  1. The shortest player ever in the NBA was 5'3. I am only 3 inches off that! No, I am not growing between now and then no matter how much milk I drink. But three inches isn't really that big of a deal (ok to some men it's a big deal). If Tyrone Bogues can play in the NBA at 5'3, I got a real good chance at this shoot out!
  2. Anthony "Spud" Webb was 5'7 and won the slam dunk contest! In 1986, Webb entered the NBA Slam Dunk Contest, and despite being the shortest, had the highest jump of 42 inches and went on to win the contest. Yes, I know, I won't be jumping while shooting free throws, but again...a short person did something good involving basketball! Don't count me out just yet!
  3. I have been lifting weights. I started a weight training program last July and I will have you know that I can bench 85 lbs eight times in a ROW! That is serious arm strength.
  4.  I played basketball in fifth and sixth grade and have been told by many ex-boyfriends that I have the memory of an elephant so I am sure it will all come back to me as I step onto the court.
  5. David vs. Goliath. Let's recreate that moment! Let's make headlines together! No one is expecting me to win so that is why it would be so fun to shove it in Mike's face when I do! I really think that if I have my entire half of Century Link Arena full of fans cheering for little 'ol me, I will be so moved and motivated that I can't lose. "Clear Eyes. Full Heart. Can't Lose." I never missed an episode of Friday Night Lights. That should count for something even though it's a completely different sport.Help me win you that free hard shell taco from Taco Bell...sit in my section!!
  6. I am secretly practicing with a guy who claims he played in the NBA and is now offering me a business offer that will make me millions if I can only get my friends to sign up for his "business plan." He swears after I watch his two hour presentation "that  is not a pyramid scheme," that he will show me how to shoot the perfect free throw! How can I go wrong with that training?

Mike vs Kate Shoot Out:

Saturday January 18th @ Idaho Stampede Game. Century Link Arena
Tickets are only $10 and include a hot dog, soda and chips!! That should be the best reason of all! Let's make this a sell out!