The Huffington Post says in Idaho we Google the HP brand more than any other.  And Google itself is number one in Google trends in Oregon.  That's hard to wrap one's head around.  Are people really Googling Google?

There were some entertaining discoveries in other states too. Check these out.

Direct Capital says:

In Wyoming, Gillette is the most Googled brand, but since Gillette is also the name of the 4th-largest town in Wyoming, people there may not always be searching for razors.

In Arizona, New Mexico, and Oklahoma, the most Googled brands are Jose Cuervo, Patron, and Skyy Vodka.  Perhaps there is a theme running in that part of the country.

I lived in Texas for many years and my friends there Google "Facebook" a lot.  That's number one.  Maybe I should tell them they could go right to Facebook.com and skip the search.

What do you Google?  Anytime I don't know the answer to a question, I head straight for Google.  One of my recent entries was, "How long does it take to catch a cold after you've kissed a guy with a cold."  And Google auto-filled for me, so I know other people have probably searched for the same thing.  It's only a matter of time before it's number one in Idaho.  Happy searching!