Over half a billion dollars will be up for grabs in Saturday's Powerball drawing. Officially it's around $560 Million dollars. Need some help to win? The luckiest Power Ball Store in America is located here in Boise and if you want to know which numbers are the most drawn numbers we've got that for you too.

Believe it or not the Treasure Valley has some stores that are luckier than others when it comes to purchasing winning Power Ball tickets...and according to David Workman from the Idaho Lottery, one of those stores is the Luckiest store in America...yes the whole United States and Puerto Rico.

Jackson's store #10 just off the Freeway on Orchard is the only store in the U.S that has had two major Powerball winners. It is the only store in America that has had two Jackpot winners and it almost had a third major winner when someone bought a ticket at the store and got 4 numbers plus the powerball, just missing out on the Jackpot, but still pocketing a over a million dollars.

This store produced the one of the single biggest Idaho Lottery Powerball winners back in 2005 when Brad Duke won the $220.3 million jackpot. He said after winning that he wanted to turn his 220 million into a billion dollars. Unfortunately our economy went into the tank a few years later and Brad took a hit to his windfall, but he is still doing very well and his foundation continues to help many charities.

The other winner was Idaho's first big winner....Pam Hiatt won 87 million dollars in the Power Ball drawing back in 1995.   Pam bought her ticket at this store on her way into work at Gown Field.  Like many, Pam played the ages of her family members.

There have been other big Powerball winners too and one near miss for the big Jackpot when one Idaho resident correctly picked 4 numbers and the Powerball correctly....still good for millions but missed out on hundreds of millions and the distinction of being the 3rd Jackpot winner from one store by just one number,

In 2016, 43 Micron Employees shared $50,000 they won after buying tickets from this store for an office pool that one of the employees bought on their way to work!

OK, now you know what store to buy your tickets in, but what about picking winning numbers?

Before you can start giving money to long lost relatives, you must first pick all 5 numbers plus the power ball.  Not an easy feat, since nobody has been able to do it for a while.

According to Lottonumbers.com these are the numbers that have won most over the entire time that Power Ball has been running.  26, 41 and 15 have won more than any other numbers, with #26 winning the most at 266 times.

The least winning numbers are 61 and 60, having been drawn only once, but keep in mind the Lottery recently increased the numbers in the drawing.  The numbers that came up least before the increase were 57-58 and 56, getting drawn 58-60 and 60 times respectively.


Now that you have the winning numbers for this weeks Power Ball, you'll need the actual power ball number. Myself, based on these statistics, I would go with 20.

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Good luck to all of us!


Here is a look behind the scenes at Lottery Headquarters, where the lottery drawings take place.


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