We hoped this wouldn't happen but what do you expect. The writing was on the wall, the student-athletes are speaking out and I think college football is good as over for 2020. The Mountain West just canceled the Fall 2020 season.

College athletes from all conferences are making statements, video call messaging and things continue to change by the minute. I wouldn't be surprised if things change by the time I'm done writing this.

Last week the Mid-American Conference canceled the season, the Power 5's pulled out nonconference games and the list to about to grow. The Pac-10 and Big-10 both make announcements on Tuesday. That's when the dominoes could tumble down and there goes the season.

The Boise State Broncos didn't even make the pre-season top 25 after Florida State pulled out. This has been trending and we sometimes forget these are just kids. If one of these athletes gets sick or hurt it could mean their future. They want to play #WEWANTTOPLAY but at what costs and is college football ready for that responsibility. #MWunited CBS Reports.

I started jumping around online to see if I could get more information and it's happening so fast. The common thread online is that we might see all college sports pushed back to Spring 2021. The players have made it clear they want to play but not if they aren't protected and this is becoming a liability. The NFL is already talking about spreading out the season over Friday, Saturday, and Sunday if college football cancels.

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