Who would have ever thought that a pandemic crushing the world would open opportunities for teens to purchase alcohol? This isn't something I came up with my team. We're not even that smart, but teens are.

Say thanks to TikTok because they seem to find ways in our feeds. The popular app that is dominated by teens turned teens drinking into a trend. The New York Post was first to jump on this.

Here's how it works. You dress up like your sweet little old grandma, get yourself an amazing fake identification card, and what else...you need an old lady mask. I know this might seem funny but it's happening and it's working.

I'm trying to think of anything that I did like this but I was too petrified of the consequences. I know lame right. Well, these teens are resourceful and creative. They shouldn't be drinking but in my creative mind, it's pretty impressive. Don't hate me for that comment 😂

Check out the Insider Article. 


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