Okay, it's hard enough to lose four pounds, let alone four hundred.  Can you imagine?  But this guy did it, with the help of Taylor Swift songs.  I might have thought some Metallica or some Beastie Boys would help push him along, but it turns out all he needed was some 'Shake it Off.'  Now will Taylor Swift herself notice?

Ronnie Brower's friend posted this video on Youtube asking for Taylor to invite Ronnie back stage at the Cleveland show on June 3rd, since Ronnie and his friend will be there anyway.  Ronnie reached his weight loss goal of 425 pounds a couple of weeks ago.

Taylor hasn't said yet if she'll invite him backstage or not, but if I had to guess I'd say she will.  She's just cool like that.  But no matter what, Ronnie's story is inspirational, and his story shows just how much commitment and grit it takes to reach a weight loss goal.  Those who have done it, no matter how little or how small, can totally relate.

Perhaps we should have been listening to Taylor Swift songs all along for motivation, right?!  Then the weight apparently melts right off.  Or "shakes off."  Ahem.