Hi 911? Yes, We Have Drugs
Honesty is the best policy right?  Most times that would be true, but for two guys from Las Vegas who were bringing marijuana into Idaho, their honesty (and paranoia) got them busted.
The Mountains Are Missing?
I had to run some errands earlier this afternoon, and snapped this pic as I waited to turn right on Myrtle.  Remember the mountains you could see behind the Capital Building?
WATCH: Jessie J's Amazing Talent
Jessie J can do something with her mouth closed that I can't even get near to doing well with my mouth open:  Sing.
The 'Price Tag' singer has already shown she has a crazy strong voice -- but this time, she's showing she can even sing her songs without opening her mouth.
WATCH: Frozen Trampoline Jump
I know many of us were not exactly "excited" to see more snow this morning.  Fortunately, we're nowhere near as bad as things are in Minnesota.
As they continue to get more snow and continue with insanely cold temps, some people are getting creative and conducting do-it-yo…