Would You Buy A Book Of Someone Else’s Selfies?
Kim Kardashian takes a lot of selfies.  Us Weekly says she took 1200 selfies on a vacation in Thailand last year.  And she takes hundreds of them around the house, many of them duck-faced and sexy for Kanye. Anyone want to buy some of them?
The Hottest New Selfie Trend Looks Like A Toothache
Maybe this means the world is moving on from the duck face pose.  There's a new selfie trend happening called the "cavity pose" with the hand to the face to make it look like you have a toothache.
Twitter has some examples of the latest seflie craze, and I'll post it …
More Selfies-Men or Women?
Ladies, we are the champions!  Someone added up the number of selfies taken across the globe, and we gals take more selfies than guys do.  Not surprised!  I snapped this one with my daughter yesterday just cuz.
I think guys take more bathroom mirror selfies (if the dating websites are any indication)…
Forget Selfie…That Is So 2013!
If you have more than one person in your selfie, it's not actually a selfie. It's not a group selfie either. Someone on the world wide web felt this awkward group photo needed it's own name.