This Retailer Gives the Best Black Friday Deals
Black Friday sales will be everywhere next week, but how do  you know if you're really getting a good deal?  Wallethub did a study of the national retailers, and there are huge sales to take advantage of right in Boise.  We just have to know where to look.
Things Aren't Always Cheaper Online
Maybe this has happened to you too this weekend.  You're in an actual store, holding a hot Christmas item in your hands, and you think, "Eh, I can probably find it cheaper online."
Girl Scout Cookies Are Coming
Girls Scouts in Boise are part of a regional group called Girl Scouts of Silver Sage, and they're keeping us up to date on the cookie arrival.
Tagalongs are my favorite!  I'm one of the oddballs that doesn't pick Thin Mints over everything else.  Unless of course you put them…