Mother's Day

Mother's Day Is a Great Time to Celebrate Uniqueness
Happy Mother's Day!  Got a quirky mom?  This weekend we're celebrating the quirks, the playfulness, the discipline, the organization, and thoughtfulness, and the love.
And the most important things our moms have ever done for us.  Here's mine.
Mom Is Boss! But Who’s The Most Powerful?
The "Most Powerful Moms" list is out, and I don't see your name on the list.  But you deserve it!
Nobody runs a tighter ship, and everyone under your roof listens to you and follows your direction.  I know how this works. Mom is boss.
What is your favorite memory of your mom?
Mother’s Day is this weekend.  NBA superstar Kevin Durant won the league's MVP award, and he made sure not to forget his mom, by thanking her for all her sacrifices and sharing some memories.  See if you can watch without tearing up a little.
What is your favorite memory of your mom?   Is it sad, is…

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