Dogs Can Get the Flu Too
The flu is hitting humans hard right now, and our dogs are not immune. I think my dog, Libby, has come down with something so I've come up with some signs we can all watch for. Canine Influenza is highly contagious!
This Flu Season is no Joke
If it hasn't hit you, there's no doubt someone in your home, workplace, or circle of friends has probably been down with the flu this year, and it's more sever than usual.
Idaho Man Dies from Flu-related Illness
A southern Idaho man died from a flu-related illness, which is our state’s first flu-related death so far this season.
Twenty-six people died from flu-related illnesses in Idaho last season.
Pregnant women, people over 50, anyone who lives in a long-term care facility and anyone with asthma, diabetes,…