Blame The Eclipse For Gas Prices
As the Treasure Valley and Gem State prepare for the influx of tourists for the eclipse coming Monday, it's probably no surprise this will be impacted: Gas prices. They're going up.
Eclipse Hotel Rooms Are $$$
Know someone who just got on the eclipse bandwagon, and are now trying to find a hotel to stay in here in Boise or across Idaho?  There are rooms available, but they're going to cost big money.
Avis Adding Cars For Eclipse
As you know, the total eclipse is coming August 21st, and our state offers our region a place to experience it in 100% totality.  That means more visitors and a need for more rental cars.
Smartphone Fine For Eclipse Pics
For those of us who are hobby photographers, you might be thinking you're going to drop some cash on gear to shoot the eclipse August 21st.  Nope.  Your smart phone will be fine.

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