A Sick Baby Means A Rough Night
I came home from work today to find my baby, Cooper, a tad bit under the weather. His nose was so stuffed, he was breathing heavy from his mouth. I had so much work to still get done, but of course baby comes first. He wouldn’t go to anyone else or let me go for the life of him
It’s Summer, and Some Of Us are Freezing
It always happens this time of year.  The weather outside gets hotter, and the temperature inside stores and office buildings gets freezing cold.  But did you hear one big box store is going to raise the thermostat one degree?  Woohoo!  Said women.
How Do I Know It’s Crazy Cold?
Right now, we reached our high temp for today...19 F.  It's stinkin' cold.  Heat is on at the office (and the house), but I haven't been able to stay warm today.
So much so, that I've done something I won't typically do.  I've worn my coat all day today...