The 3 Biggest Reasons Idahoans Wear Shorts All Year
You know it's going to happen. A couple of months from now when most of us are bundled up head-to-toe battling the wind and snow with hats, thick coats, and cozy lined pants, some other brave soul will walk by in shorts. What possesses these people?
Just Between Friends Event at Expo Idaho
I am always down for saving a few bucks.
I raid the dollar section in the front section of Target. I use apps on my phone like Ibotta, Cartwheel, and Ebates. I'm not ashamed and actually, I get really excited when I save even 50¢! There is something extremely satisfying about it...
Robert Comstock with MIX 106
MIX 106 was out at Robert Comstock at The Village with Mike Kasper today bringing you some holiday savings!  Robert Comstock is a very well know designer and is actually an Idaho native! His clothing designs are very well known and we are lucky to have his only store in the entire world...