What To Do If Your Chipotle App is Hacked
Hackers are always after something, and now it looks like they're going after your burrito fix. They're trying to make charges to your credit card through the Chipotle app, but there is one simple thing you can do to stay ahead of them.
Chipotle’s Payment System Gets Hacked
If you used your credit or debit card at Chipotle in Boise or Nampa or at the Village at Meridian recently, watch your credit card statements for some squirrelly activity. Chipotle's payment systems were hacked earlier this month, and some of your info may have been compromised.
Boise Veterans Get Free Burritos
Veteran's Day is next week, and stores and restaurants are getting ready to show their appreciation.  More will be added we're sure, but for now let me tell you about one restaurant that will help you snag the veteran in your life a free burrito, bowl, or taco.

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