Child's Toy Starts Fire in Bedroom in Meridain
This is something that I truly worry about!
A lithium battery in a child’s remote control car sparked a fire in the child’s upstairs bedroom.
It happened just before 2 pm Sunday in a neighborhood off of Ten Mile Road.
Meridian fire officials say the family got home just …
Mike and Nicole's OPP: My Life Could Change Forever
Dear Mike and Nicole,
This is a big one. I know it seems odd to email a radio station with such a question, but I am desperate. My husband had an affair three years ago. At first, he wanted a divorce because he said he was in love with his mistress, but I managed to persuade him to stay with me...
The Butterfly Room At St. Lukes
Have you heard about the Butterfly Room at St. Luke's? When I heard about it, it really hit home for me and so touching. When a family loses a baby, they have always had to find a way to grieve there in the NICU, or in the cold, sterile, rooms...
Horrifying Story Of Toddler Falling Into Gorilla Cage
You may have heard the controversial story from over the weekend about the 4 year old boy who fell into a gorilla exhibit at the Cincinnati Zoo.
He crawled under a rail and through wires before dropping 12 feet into a gorilla cage. Shortly after, a 17-year old, 420 lb male gorilla named Harambe, grab…