Tyson Foods Recall
Tyson Foods Inc. is recalling over 132,000 pounds of full cooked chicken nuggets because they have be contaminated with hard plastic. The contamination may have come from a round, hard plastic rod. Every one of Tyson's products passes through a metal detector, but that wouldn't catch a pla…
KFC’s Secret Recipe May Not Be a Secret Anymore
Rather than stop by the KFC restaurants on West Chinden or West Overland Road, what if you could concoct that famous KFC flavor at home?
One of the most highly-guarded recipes of all time might be traveling around the internet as we speak.
Chicken Purchased in Boise May Have Dirt In It
To say the least, it's not ideal to lift a freshly sauced and grilled chicken wing to your mouth and taste dirt and sand.  That puts a damper on the back yard party.
There's one company recalling its products now over worries about sand and black soil in the chicken. And ther…
Beer Can Chicken for the 4th
The 4th of July is supposed to be the biggest grilling holiday of the year.  And since grilling usually involves a cold, frothy beverage, it will be big for beer sales too.  Here's a way to combine the two!