Kids Left in Hot Cars as we Reach Triple Digits
I won't stop talking about this as long as it still needs to be talked about.
Specifically, cases where someone may think, "I'm only running into the store for a few minutes, the kids will be fine."
With the extreme we have been having and continue to expect, its a good rem…
Car Bursts into Flames at Boise Gas Station
A car burst into flames at a Fred Meyer gas station on Fairview Avenue near Locust Grove yesterday. Scary stuff!!

That's actually always a fear of mine when I am pumping gas. I worry if someone nearby has a cigarette that's going to spark a fire or if someone is on their cellphone, which th…
Several Cars Stolen from Local Auto Dealership
It may sound like the plot of the new Fast and Furious movie, but it's not!
Nelson’s Auto Company in Boise had 10 cars stolen overnight and some of the cars' doors that were still on the lot were wide open. The office was wide open and keys to each of the remaining cars in t…
Lyft Launches in Boise
Lyft launched in Boise yesterday.
It’s an app-based ride service, similar to Uber, that will offer rides around the area and to and from the Boise Airport.
Get $5 off your first Lyft ride in the Boise area by using the code “LYFTINBOI...
Crime Increase In Eagle Subdivisions
Eagle Police say about a dozen residents who accidentally left doors open or unlocked this summer were targeted.
Laguna Pointe, a subdivision along Eagle Road, was targeted just a few days ago, and, Lexington Hills, on Floating Feather Road near Highway 55...
My Friend Is Superwoman
You friend gave birth today. In her car. Then took a selfie.
She doesn't even look like she ran around the block, let alone birthed a baby! Her 6th baby was born on the way to the birthing center this morning and they just didn't quite make it...

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