body image

How Do You Weigh Yourself
Jumping on a scale has always been a scary thing for me. Yes. I am afraid of the scale. Weight and body image issues are primarily looked at as only affecting females, but there are many men who are struggling with the same issues. Seeing those numbers roll up and down effect me. They can wreck a da…
Local Boise Woman Goes Viral
Have you seen what our neighbor Amy Pence-Brown did?  She stripped down to a bikini at the Saturday Farmer's Market, and was worried what people might say or do.
Pink's Amazing Attitude
Is there too much pressure on women to be at a certain weight?  Pink has been feeling that lately.  And check out her perfect reaction.
What Would You Change?
This is fascinating, and if you're like me you'll totally relate to at least one, maybe all of these people.
We all have insecurities about our bodies.  Watching this video helps us not feel alone in that, and realize that maybe the things that we consider weaknesses really aren't…