Adele kills it on SNL
Two things.  Adele's voice is captivating.  And so is her eye makeup.
And did you see the over-dramatic sketch where the cast re-enacted the "Hello" video at Thanksgiving dinner?  Ha.  We've got it here.
Could Adele's "Hello" Video Get Any Better
Even after taking close to 7 years away from the music industry, Adele has made a resounding and triumphant return. The Queen of Melancholy, Mood Shifting, Anthem Blasting Pop Music is back. World Famous wildlife narrator David Attenborough has now added his graceful touch to her reco…
Sad Music Makes You Sadder
So you can't get enough of the new Adele song?  I know it!!  She's just so good.  I love it too.  The video got 27.7 million views during the first 24 hours after its release, and that beat Taylor Swift's Bad Blood for the most ever.  She'll be on SNL November 21st.  Yay yay!
Now the not-so-great new…