4th of july

Gas Stations Matter on 4th of July Road Trips
More people than ever before will be hitting the road for this 4th of July weekend, and nobody wants it to be a boring trip. Beef jerky, kolaches, and fountain drinks with that soft round ice can make any trip better, and we feel compelled to give some love to the travel stops that make us happy.
This is the Most Dangerous Firework for Kids
We don't do it every day, but for some reason on the 4th of July we don't think twice about lighting a stick that burns at 2000 degrees and handing it to a 3-year old.  Maybe not the best idea!  Kids get injured from this one particular type of firework more than any other.
Jaw Dropping Idaho Fireworks Displays to See This year
Bet you didn't know that one of the biggest and most spectacular fireworks displays west of the Mississippi happens every year here in Idaho on the 4th of July.  It's true...bigger than anything in Portland, Seattle, California and it happens here in Idaho. Don't believe me? Chec…
The Best Version Of The National Anthem I've Ever Heard
With the 4th of July this weekend, we are gonna hear the National Anthem a few times through out the long weekend. This rendition though I have to say it, is the best I've ever heard. And more than likely you have never heard of the woman who sang it.
Ada County Fireworks Ban
Planning a big fireworks display at your house this 4th of July?  You better make sure it's legal if you're outside city limits or a fire district inside Ada County.
Ada County Commissioners have banned fireworks in areas outside city limits and without a fire protection district for t…

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