The holidays are my most favorite time of the year! I love everything about it! The food, the friends, the family, the lights, the turkey, the tree, the music, the movies....etc. There is one thing though that can ruin this magical time for me, so stop doing it!

Let's just get it out there....YES I am single. And the reason is because I haven't met my future husband yet. Plain and simple. My time to be in a couple or to be engaged or co-habitating or married isn't right now. It really is that simple. No, it's not going to be like that forever. No I did not do anything to "cause" this situation that makes you so uncomfortable. It's all about timing and at this point in time I am single so please stop asking why I am still single. I am not going to tell you that I have a twin growing out of my back and that is why my ring finger is empty. I am not going to tell you that I am secretly lusting after my best friend and am just waiting for gay marriage to become legal in Idaho to come out. There is no big secret that needs to be uncovered. There is no mystery that you can solve. I am perfectly happy with where my life is at this point (yes-even in my 30s!!) so either you need to be also or just stop asking because it's so awkward. It's more awkward then the third nipple I have (oops, the secret is out!).

So if you are like me and sick of answering this question during the holidays, then this article I found should help you handle the holidays season as single person. Happy Holidays to all, especially all my fellow, third nipple, twin growers!

5 Ways to Answer the "Single" Question This Holiday

The holidays are a time for family, friends, and celebrating — and, of course, for family overload and awkward questions about your life.

At family gatherings over the next few months, you're bound to field questions about your love life, especially if you're showing up solo. You can't avoid them, so make like a Boy Scout and be prepared. If you're hit with the dreaded "How is it that you're still single?" question this year, here are a few (semiserious) suggestions for how to handle it.

Kill 'em with sarcasm: Take a page from Bridget Jones' playbook and respond with, "I suppose it doesn't help that underneath my clothes, my entire body is covered in scales."

Turn the tables: Even if you don't necessarily want your Aunt Diane's dating advice, asking her for tips will take the focus off of you and might actually be useful (though we can't promise anything).

Use TMI to your advantage: If you're brave enough, getting into the gory details of your last messy breakup will definitely make the offender wish he'd never asked, and chances are, you won't get that question again this year.

Play the sympathy card: Sigh wistfully, misting up if you're able, adding, "I was just wondering that exact. Same. Thing."

If all else fails, be honest: If you don't have the energy for a snappy response this time around, try just being honest — you're focusing on work, you're enjoying being single and going out with friends, you haven't found the right person — whatever the case may be.