Had enough?  If the long-term predictions are right, the worst of our winter is over.  Well, maybe after today.

New snow on top of old snow, and rain on top of that.  Our start to 2017 has been rough so far.

But the long-term projections for the rest of the winter includes less snow for the Treasure Valley and more sun.  Good!  Even a short rest from winter would be good for those of us that prefer sunshine and 75.

The Farmer's Almanac says Boise is in the middle of an area that should include some rain to the north and milder weather to the south for mid-January.  They're predicting that later in the month it could turn bitter cold but with only flurries, and then warming up again, and it should be warmer in February.

Whether they're exactly right remains to be seen, but anything at this point would be a refreshing change.  Kids love a snow day, but even they might be ready for a streak of sunny days to get back into the school routine and shake off the cabin fever.

It looks like sunshine and upper 20's Thursday through Sunday.  Almost grillin' weather.

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