I'm so excited for my first ever Murder Mystery party this Thursday night! This isn't a private party, you can join me too! We can solve the mystery together!


Every Thursday, Friday and Saturday night in October Forward Movement Training is hosting a Murder Mystery dinner.

I will be there this Thursday night for the first one and I'm so excited! The theme is white trash and I've already got the best costume! Amazingly I did not have to go shopping. I've already got all that stuff in my closet.

A catered BBQ dinner will start off the night at 6:30PM and then we are off to search through the 25,000 square foot Forward Movement Training facility to find out "who-dun-it!" We get our scripts ahead of time so we know how to act, who we need to talk to and who could possibly be the bad guy. I'm hoping my script arrives and says, "You did it. You're the bad gal." Playing Clue was my favorite game as a kid. I was born to do this!

It's only $60/person and includes dinner. 20 people are allowed to participate each night so don't wait. Sign up now! Hopefully you can join me on Thursday night but if not, I at least hope you go and enjoy the Halloween fun!!