I have two siblings; Kellee my older sister and Ryan my younger brother. If there was a medal awarded for silliest sibling fights, Kellee and I would be crowned the world champions!

Sibling Fights
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I have this theory that you fight the worst with those you love the most. I hope Ryan and Kellee are reading this and know that I love them more than anything!

Ryan and I don't really fight that much. It's probably because he is 7 years younger than me. But the Irish temper has made those very few fights, very intense!

Kellee and I on the other hand, have had the most amazing, comical, craziest, hurtful fights that only sisters can have. I blame it on the fact that we're Irish, very close in age and one of us has way too much pride and holds a mean grudge (not Kellee).

Kellee and Kate's Memorable Fights
-I punched Kellee in the eye just because and she had a black eye in her first grade picture
-Kellee dug a hole in the yard, covered it and then called me over to play with her (finally)....in the hole I went.
-Kellee broke my ribs with a hair dryer. We were fighting over who got to use the shower first.
-The infamous fight at Rams Village, Fort Collins, CO. I have no idea what we were fighting about but a body slam onto a coffee table might have occurred.

I hope my sister knows that of all the sisters, in all the world, I still pick her. I couldn't imagine anyone else driving me as insane as she does!

QUESTION: What is the most ridiculous, silliest sibling fight you've ever had?


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