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Forgive & Forget: More Like Sisters
Nikki wants to break things off with her girlfriend Mac so she can get back with her ex, Donnie. Not only is she breaking things off, she wants Moug & Angie's help asking if they can remain friends, even... Or more like sisters...
Amazon Expanding In Meridian & Hiring 2,000 People
Ten Mile and Franklin is about to get a LOT busier... Coming soon, Amazon will open a new facility in Meridian and will be hiring about 2,000 people.
According to the Idaho Statesman, Amazon's new fulfilment center will open on the corner of Franklin and Ten Mile in Meridian...
Barbacoa Is The Winner!
After weeks of trying to pick the perfect place to have our dinner/reception after our elopement, with a smile in my face and a full tummy, I share why Barbacoa is the big winner.
Forgive & Forget: It’s My Fault
Brad needs to ask his girlfriend Samantha for forgiveness. She's lost her dream job and is devastated about it. What she doesn't know, is that it's Brad's fault she lost her job.
Wait, Before You Vote!
I proudly went and voted early Friday at the Meridian City Hall and it was an incredibly easy experience. There are a few things you should know before you go, though...

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