I am not a big wine drinker, but my wife is.  She is big fan of wines made here in Idaho.  That's right, Idaho.  Who knew right?  Idaho has a growing reputation for making some pretty good award winning wines...especially in the Snake River Valley area.  My wife loves some of the wines that come from our region and is a big proponent of local Idaho wines, even going as far as to not visit local restaurants that don't carry Idaho Wines.

I've had to sit quietly by at dinner, while she calls the manager over to ask why the restaurant doesn't serve Idaho wines.... Which to me, seems a little snobby, but good for her...she supports a local industry, and even though I'm not a big wine drinker, I totally get it. If you are going to set up business in Idaho, and make money from the people who live here, at least have the decency to support other Idaho businesses.  She recently discovered a hilarious video from the Idaho Wine Commission that she shared with me, and it was so brilliant, that I had to share it with everyone on my blog.  Even if you don't drink or don't like wine, like me, you have to appreciate the sheer genius of this promotion.  Nice job, I'm sure with publicity like this, lots more people will be visiting Idaho for the wine and not just our potatoes....or white water rafting.  Cheers!!!