They say the only difference between little boys and big boys is the size of their toys.  In this case though, the difference in little girls and big boys isn’t as big because their toys are the same.  Barbie Jeeps.  You know the little toy Jeep you or your sister got to drive when they were little.  Now guys are stealing those Barbie Jeeps from their daughters and extreme racing them.


The second annual Battlefest Extreme Barbie Jeep Race  took place at Hot Springs Offroad Park in Hot Springs, Arkansas. Bad weather kept many away but the 10 racers that showed up battled it out in the rain for bragging rights.

The races were wild, crazy, and even a little dangerous.  There were plenty of really bad and nasty crashes during the races as seen in the video.  The good news was that nobody was killed or even seriously injured.  (as long as you don’t count pride)

Last years Champion, Busted Knuckle took home the win and added to his incredible win streak



Here's video of an Extreme Barbie Jeep race from last year





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