In my career, I personally have never had to deal with the passing of a member of a morning show that I have worked on.  That changed yesterday.  The day we were dreading finally happened when we lost a member of our show.  Kate's dog Gunner, whose stories many of you have followed over the years, passed away.

From Kate:

Kate McGwire,Townsquare Media

I had to make the gut wrenching decision to put Gunner down tonight. After what I went through today, I think he was holding on as long as he could and knew he wouldn’t make it while I was gone.

 We had 13 1/2 awesome years together and I’m so grateful we got to spend today together. He had a bacon cheeseburger, chicken nuggets with BBQ sauce and French fries for lunch. We made a big bed on the living room floor and watched Must Love Dogs. Then he got lots of Jiff peanut butter and cheese slices.


Our Mix 106 pet psychic Denise Zak was on the phone with me on and off all afternoon and she helped me understand what Gunner was feeling, which helped me know what to say to him.

 Then tonight, my vet and technician came to my house and very peacefully put Gunner to sleep.

 I will fully admit I thought I was coping with this and a tiny bit prepared after what he and I have been through in the last 9 months, but the minute it happened I went into full panic. I’m going to hike 80 miles on the Pacific Crest Trail and cry my eyes out from beginning to end. When I get home, my only hope is to be able to hold a conversation with someone and not fall apart.

I want to thank the vets and entire staff at WestVet, who are angels and I’m forever grateful they gave me these last 9 months with my handsome boy.


Kate McGwire,Townsquare Media

 Gunner is one of the great loves of my life. At this point he is the greatest love of my life. As my brother said tonight, we imprinted on each other. I forever love him.